Section 28 : Allotment of shares

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1) Where a public company invites the general public to apply for the subscription of its shares it shall allot the shares and give the shareholders a notice in the format as prescribed, within a maximum period of three months after the date of closure of share issue.

Provided, however, that in cases where at least fifty percent of the total shares issued publicly cannot be sold failing a guarantee/underwriting agreement on the subscription of at least fifty percent of the publicly issued shares, no shares shall be allotted.

2) If the company makes an application, explaining the reasons for failure to allot shares within the time-limit set forth in Sub-section(1), owing to the circumstance mentioned in the proviso to that Sub-section within seven days after the expiration of that time-limit, the Office may extend the time limit for up to three months for the allotment of shares. If the shares cannot be allotted even within such extended time limit, the company may allot such shares through negotiations or any other methods.

3) If the allotment of shares cannot be made even within the time –limit as referred to in Sub-section (1) or (2) , the amount received for the subscription of shares as well as an interest thereon, as prescribed, from the day of expiration of such time-limit to the day of refund of such amount shall be refunded.

4) If the funds are insufficient to refund the amount required to be refunded pursuant to Sub-section (3), the shortfall amount shall be borne by the promoters personally.

5) Where the allotment of shares pursuant to Sub-section (1)or (2) is made discriminatorily or with intent to cause any loss or damage to any investor may file a petition, setting out the reasons for the same, in the court on that matter.

6) If a petition is filed pursuant to Sub-section 5), where any investor has sustained any loss or damage by reason of the deliberate violation of this Section by any officer of the company or permission given by such officer to any one to commit such violation, the court may issue an order for realisation from such officer personally of compensation for such loss or damage as well as reasonable expenses incurred in the legal action.

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Section 28 : Allotment of shares

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