Registration of company

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(1) Where an application is made for the incorporation of a company pursuant to Section 4, the Office shall, after making necessary inquiries, register such company within 15 days after the date of making of the application and grant the company registration certificate to the applicant, in the format as prescribed.
(2) After a company has been registered pursuant to Sub-section (1), the company shall be deemed incorporated.
(3) The office shall maintain company register in the format as prescribed, for purpose of Sub-section (1).
(4) After the incorporation of a company under this Section, subject to this Act, the matters contained in the memorandum of association and the articles of association shall be binding on the company and its shareholders as if these where the provisions contained in separate agreements between the company and every shareholder and amongst its shareholders.
(5) Without registering a company under this Act, no person shall use the name company and carry on any kind of transaction by the name of any firm or institution.

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Registration of company

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