Section 17 : Pre-incorporation contract

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(1) A contract made prior to the incorporation of a company shall be a proposed contract only, and such contract shall not be binding on the company.

(2) If, prior to the incorporation of a company, any person carries on any transaction or borrows money on behalf of the company, such person shall be personally liable for any contract related with the transaction so carried on,
subject to Sub-section (3).

(3) If, within the time mentioned in any transactions or within the reasonable time after the incorporation of a company, the company, through its act, action or conduct, accepts any act, action or conduct, accepts any act, action to borrowing done or made prior to the date of authorization to commence its transactions or endorses such act or action, that transaction shall be binding on the company and the other contracting party; and the person carrying out such act to action shall be released from the personal liability to be borne pursuant to Sub-section(2).

(4) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Section, the consensus agreement of a private company shall govern any contracts made prior to the incorporation of such company.

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Section 17 : Pre-incorporation contract

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