Section 126 : Liquidation of company able to pay its debts

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1) Expect in case where a company has become insolvent in accordance with the prevailing law on insolvency, the shareholders of the company may liquidate the company either by adopting a special resolution in the general meeting or memorandum of association, articles of association or consensus agreement.

2) A company may be liquidated under this Act in the following circumstance:

(a) If the company is able to pay its debts or other liabilities in full;

(b) If there exists no situation where an application for the review of insolvency of the company is pending under the prevailing law on insolvency or where the company would be in any manner subject to an insolvency proceeding under the prevailing law on insolvency;

(c) If the directors of the company, have, after due inquiry, made a declaration in writing that the company is able to pay its debts and other liabilities in full and that the debts and liabilities to be paid on behalf of such company can be paid up or can be fully settled in any other process within one year from the date of the adoption of the resolution to liquidate the company;

(d) If the written declaration made by the directors pursuant to Clause (c) was presented in the general meeting called to discuss the matter of liquidation of the company or such declaration was made at the time of discussions on that matter in the general meeting.

3) A copy of the special resolution adopted with respect to the liquidation of a company pursuant to this Section and a written declaration of directors shall be submitted to the Office in later than seven days after the date of adoption of the resolution.

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Section 126 : Liquidation of company able to pay its debts

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