Abbreviated tax invoices:

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(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in Rule 17, in case any registered person is to conduct a retail sale of ◊ any goods or services and files an application to the concerned Tax Officer setting out such matter, the Tax Officer may grant permission so that such registered person, while conducting retail sale of ◊ any goods or services, is required to issue an abbreviated tax invoice in the format referred to in Schedule -6 to the recipient, instead of the tax invoice as set forth in Rule 17.
(2) Where several number of goods of small value have been sold, abbreviated tax invoice to be issued pursuant to Sub-rule (1)  shall mention the name of each good separately

(3) A recipient who receives an abbreviated tax invoice upon purchasing goods under Sub-rule (1) shall not be allowed to deduct tax under Section 17 of the Act.
(4) A registered person who issues an abbreviated tax invoice to the recipient pursuant to Sub-rule (1), shall maintain records thereof as follows:
(a) To prepare and maintain a duplicate copy of the original invoice,
(b) Where a transaction has been carried out by maintaining a duplicate of the till roll, the total thereof must be calculated and maintained every day,
(c) To maintain records of the value inclusive of tax of each transaction.
(5) In case a registered person is found not to have maintained the records required to be maintained pursuant to Sub-rule (4), the Tax Officer may cancel the permission granted to issue an abbreviated tax invoice pursuant to Sub-rule (1).
(6) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Rule, where a transaction of value exceeding ◊Ten Thousand Rupees has been carried out, it shall not be allowed to issue an abbreviated tax invoice under this Rule; and despite having carried out a transaction of value less than that amount, it shall be the duty of a registered person to provide a recipient who asks for the tax invoice referred to in Rule 17 with such a tax invoice.
(7) The total figure of tax from an abbreviated invoice shall be calculated by multiplying the invoice price by the tax fraction.
Explanation: For the purpose of this Sub-rule, the term tax fraction means the total of
Rate of tax
Rate of tax + 100

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Abbreviated tax invoices:

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