To issue duplicate copies

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(1) In case the certificate of registration of transaction obtained by a registered person under Rule 5 is torn, lost or otherwise destroyed, such a registered person must file an application for obtaining the duplicate copy of such certificate to the concerned Tax Officer accompanied with such an amount as required as the duplication fees Rs. 100 to obtain a duplicate copy of such certificate.
(2) Upon receipt of an application pursuant to Sub-rule (1), the concerned Tax Officer shall give a duplicate copy of the certificate of registration of transaction within fifteen days of receipt of the application.

14A. Provision regarding tax board: Taxpayer shall keep a tax board in the format prescribed by Department in the place of transaction in a manner conspicuous to all within thirty days of commencement of this Rule.

⩤14B. Price inclusive of tax to be mentioned: A registered person shall mention the selling price (tag price, menu price and shelf price) inclusive of tax for the taxable goods and services kept in industrial exhibition center, selling center, hotel, restaurant, bar, transaction place or place of supply.

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To issue duplicate copies

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