Meeting and Decision of the Council

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(1) The Executive Director shall convene the meeting of the Council on such date, time and place as fixed by the President.
(2) The Council shall generally meet six times a year, and the interval between two consecutive meetings shall not be of more than three months.
(3) The President shall chair meeting of the Council, and in his absence, the Vice-President; and in the absence of both, a Council member, selected by the Council members from amongst themselves, shall chair the meeting of the Council.
(4) If twenty-five percent of Council members request, in writing, to convene a Council meeting, the President shall order the Executive Director to summon such
meeting within fifteen days of such request.
(5) Presence of fifty-percent members shall be deemed to meet a quorum for the meeting of the Council.
(6) The majority opinion of the Council shall be deemed to be a decision of the Council and, in case of a tie, person chairing the meeting shall cast the deciding vote.
(7) The Executive Director shall authenticate decisions of the Council.
(8) The Council may, if it deems appropriate, invite any office bearer of His Majesty’s Government, any national or foreign expert, advisor, or any prominent person in the field accounting profession, to attend meeting of the Council as an observer.
(9) Other procedures relating to the meeting of the Council shall be as fixed by the Council itself.

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Meeting and Decision of the Council

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