Power to issue interim order

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(1) Where, in making hearing on an application made to the Court pursuant to Section 4, it appears that there exists in the company any of the following situations which may prejudice the interests of the creditor or any other person having dealing with the company, the Court may, on an application by the concerned party or at its
own discretion, issue an interim order:
(a) The assets of the company have been sold and disposed of wrongfully or there exists a possibility of such sale and disposal;
(b) The management of the company has not been carried out properly;
(c) Any legal action is going to be instituted or such action is going to be enforced or there exists a possibility of such enforcement in such a manner as to prejudice the assets of the company.
(2) In issuing an interim order pursuant to Sub-section (1), the Court may issue order restraining from doing any or all of the following acts:
(a) Transferring, selling and disposing of, or otherwise mortgaging or pledging, any assets of the Company, other than that business of the company which it has been carrying on in the ordinary course of business;
(b) Transferring the shares of the company in any manner or altering the status of the shareholders of the company in any manner;
(c) Withholding or foreclosing any assets of the company by any person; or
(d) Instituting any legal action or keeping on such action or taking any action or foreclosing by any creditor or person against the assets of the company or any assets owned or possessed or foreclosed by the company.
(3) Where an order is issued by the Court pursuant to Sub-section (2), information thereof shall be given to the concerned company, company registrar and Office, and where the Court thinks fit, it may also issue order requiring to publish such information in a daily paper of national circulation in a manner that the general public can gat such information.
(4) The Court may, if it considers necessary, issue order to appoint any appropriate person as the interim administration of the company for the interim management of the company during the currency of the interim order.
(5) The functions, duties and powers of the interim administrator appointed pursuant to Sub-section (4) shall be as prescribed by the Court at the time of such appointment.
(6) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Act, where the Court issues order for inquiry into insolvency proceedings or dismisses the application, the interim order issued pursuant to this Section shall ipso facto be ineffective.

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Power to issue interim order

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