Action of Application

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(1) Where an application is made to institute, or cause to be instituted, insolvency proceedings in relation to any company pursuant to Section 4, the Court shall register the application where it has been made duly and so appoint the date for hearing the same that such hearing can take place within fifteen days.
(2) Except where a company itself makes an application for insolvency proceedings, after the registration of an application referred to in Sub-section (1), a notice shall be issued in the name of the concerned company to submit statements in writing, if any, for not instituting such proceedings within seven days and be delivered to the registered office of such company.
(3) Where the Court considers reasonable, it may, prior to the hearing on an application referred to in this Section, and as per necessity, order the authority set forth in Sub-section (1) of Section 8 to submit statements of reasons, if any, for not instituting any proceedings as requested by the applicant prior to the date appointed for hearing and shall publish a notice thereof at least twice in any daily newspaper of national circulation so that the shareholders, creditors of the concerned company or any other persons having dealing with the concerned company and the Stock Exchange, as well, where such company is enlisted in the Stock Exchange get such information.
(4) Any company or person that receives a notice issued or published pursuant to Sub-section (2) or (3) shall submit statements in writing, accompanied by the reason, if any, for not instituting the insolvency proceedings of the concerned, within the time specified by the Court.

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Action of Application

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