Prohibition to Revision of Decision

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(1) Except the Appellate Court has issued an order under Section 30, the arbitrator shall not take another decision on the matter referred to him/her for arbitration after once reading out his decision on the matter, except correcting arithmetic, printing, typing or similar other minor errors and inserting omitted particulars without prejudice to the substance of the decision.
(2) In case any party observes that any mistake contained in the decision of the arbitrator needs to be corrected pursuant Sub section (1) one must submit an application to the arbitrator within 30 days from the date of receipt of a copy of the decision. In case the arbitrator deems it appropriate to correct such mistakes or insert any omitted particulars, he/her may prepare a separate note thereof and have the omitted particulars inserted or mistakes corrected within 15 days from the date of receipt of the application. In case the arbitrator the deems it appropriate to make such correction, he/she must do so by preparing a note thereof and informing the parties accordingly within 30 days from the date of decision.
(3) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Section, in case the arbitrator has not taken a decision on any point from among the points contained in the claims made by any party, the concerned party may submit an application for a decision on the point to the extent of the matter covered by it after securing the approval of the other party within 30 days from the date of decision by the arbitrator. In case such an application is received, a supplementary decision may be taken by confining in to the matter covered by the point within 45 days from the date of application.
(4) If the parties so agree, any party may, by notifying the other party, request the arbitrator to explain any point contained in or any part of the arbitrator’s decision which is not clear within 30 days from the date of decision. In case any such request is received, the arbitrator may explain and clarify any unclear point within 45 days.

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Prohibition to Revision of Decision

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