Location of Office of the Arbitrator

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(1) The office of the arbitrator shall be located at the following place:
(a) At the place specified in the agreement, if any.
(b) If the agreement does not specify the location of the arbitrators office, at the place selected by the concerned parties.
(c) In case the concerned parties do not select such place within 15 days from the date of appointment of the arbitrator, or in case the concerned parties fail to reach an agreement in that connection, at the place specified by the arbitrator in the light of all the relevant circumstances.
(2) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Section, the arbitrators may, except when any other arrangement has been made by the concerned parties, designate through mutual consultations the location of their office at any other appropriate place which is convenient for them to record the statements of witnesses, obtain the opinion of experts, and inspect any document, object or place.

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Location of Office of the Arbitrator

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