Appointment of Arbitrators by Court

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(1) Any party may submit an application to the Appellate Court for the appointment of arbitrators in the following circumstances:
(a) In case no arbitrator can be appointed upon following the procedure contained in the agreement.
(b) In case the agreement does not mention anything about the appointment of arbitrators.
(2) The application to be filed pursuant to Sub-section (1) must explicitly mention the full name, address, occupation and the field of specialisation of at least three persons who can be appointed as arbitrator, and also be accompanied by a copy of the agreement.
(3) Upon receiving of an application pursuant to Sub-section (1), the Appellate Court shall notify all the parties and shall appoint arbitrators from the persons proposed by them in the case of consensus in that connection, and in the case of fail to consensus, the persons deemed appropriate by the Appellate Court, within 60 days from the date of receipt of the application. The decision taken by the court in that manner shall be final.

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Appointment of Arbitrators by Court

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